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Some artists that do contemporary painting are Maria Lassnig, Alexander Ney, and Albert Oehlen. Other artists that do contemporary painting are Elizabeth Peyton and Steven Pippin.

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Q: Who are some artists that do contemporary painting?
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What has the author George Sheringhan written?

George Sheringhan has written: 'Figure painting in water-colours by contemporary British artists'

Who were some contemporary artists of Claude Monet?


What is a painting medium?

A painting medium is the type of material which the artists uses to create the painting. Some painting mediums are oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

What are some good country artists?

There are Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry... But these are contemporary country artists

Who are the famous artists of contemporary Italian art?

Some famous artists of contemporary Italian art are Enrico Accatino, Mino Argento, Marino Marini, Mario Ceroli, Domenico Gnoli, and Salvatore Provino.

Who painted 'Painting'?

It is a title many artists have used for some of their works.

What are the names of some artists that specialize in distorted paintings?

The artists that specialized in distorted painting used the "anamorphosis" style paintings. This style of painting showed a distorted vantage point and perspective. Some artists that specialized in this form of painting were Leonardo De Vinci (Leonardo's Eye) and Hans Holbein the Younger (The Ambassadors).

How famous is dot painting?

Pointillism (dot painting) is another method of painting. It is a style popular (famous?) with some past and present artists.

Contemporary artists express their creative vision in various ways. Which contemporary artist combines elements of painting sculpture and architecture to create installations?

Jenny Holzer and Christo and Jeanne-Claude are the forerunners of installation art.

Who are some of the newest contemporary artists of 2013?

There are many new contemporary artists of 2013 from all different parts of the world. For example, Shana Moulton (Naples), Carl Freedman (London), Kraupa Tuskany Zelder (Germany) and Federico Vavassori (Italy).

Who are contemporary artists?

A writer who writes about modern happenings

Which artists are renowned for painting car pictures?

There are several artists well-known for their great car painting pictures. Some of them include "Cheryl Kelley" based in Texas, or "Jimmy Lee" and "Andy King" from "Cars Art".