Who influenced William Dobell?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The landscape painter George Lambert did, and Dobell's teachers at the Slade School of Art in London.

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Q: Who influenced William Dobell?
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When did William Dobell paint Joshua Smith?

William dobell painted Joshua smith in 1943 Oil on Canvas - 107 x 76cm

Why did William dobell go to court for the portrait of Joshua smith?

In 1943 William Dobell's winning painting of Joshua Smith was challenged in court because of claims from other finalists (Mary Edwards and Joseph Wolinski) that it was a caricature not a portrait. The court battle was very public and everyone had an opinion on it, it made Dobell a household name and all the commotion made the Archibald prize in Sydney the most popular art competition in all of Australia. The court case was dismissed and Dobell became sick because of the controversy and debate so he left the attention of Sydney to live in Wangi Wangi in Lake Macquarie.

What was the controversy of William Dobell's portrait in 1943?

In 1943 he won the Archibald Prize, Australia's principal award for portraiture, for a painting of fellow-artist Joshua Smith. The award was immediately challenged on the grounds that Dobell's entry showed a degree of distortion which made it a caricature rather than a true portrait, but the court upheld the judging panel's decision. Resultant newspaper publicity greatly expanded interest in Dobell's work, but as a result of the controversy Dobell withdrew to to his sister's home at Wangi Wangi on Lake Macquarie, where he began to paint landscapes

The attention to decoration shown in William Hogarth's paintings indicates that he was influenced by which artistic movement?

French Rococo

What inspired victor vasarely?

Victor Vasarely was influenced at art school by Paul Klee and Vasily Kandinsky and with William Ostwalds theory of colour scales.

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When did William Dobell paint Margaret Olley?

William Dobell painted the strapper in 1941

Why did William dobell paint Joshua smith?

why did william dobell paint a portrait of joshua smith?

What is Sir William Dobell's birthday?

Sir William Dobell was born on September 24, 1899.

When was Sir William Dobell born?

Sir William Dobell was born on September 24, 1899.

Where is William Dobell born?

William Dobell was born in Cooks Hill, a working class neighbourhood of Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia.

When did William Dobell paint Joshua Smith?

William dobell painted Joshua smith in 1943 Oil on Canvas - 107 x 76cm

What is Sir William Dobell famous for?


When did William Dobell die?

He lived 24 September 1899 - 13 May 1970.

Where did William dobell die?

In the New South Wales town called Wangi wangi

Who painted the picture of Joshua Smith?

William Dobell in 1943. With it he won the Archibald Prize

What medium was used to paint Dr McMahon by William Dobell?

Oil paint on canvas

When did William dobell win the archibald prize and why do people think he should not have won?

Dobell won the archibald prize in 1943 and many people believed his painting was exagurated and so it should be called a caricature.