Who is Carlotti the painter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jean-Albert Carlotti (1909-2002) is best known as a painter, but he has also been active as an illustrator for the press. Born in Lyon, he started out illustrating novels for magazines like Marius and Le Hérisson in 1932. In 1950, he began a collaboration with the newspaper France-Soir, and became one of the main illustrators for the vertical strips 'Amours Célèbres' and 'Le Crime ne Paie pas', which were written by Paul Gordeaux and Robert Mallat. In 1974, he joined the Opera Mundi agency and illustrated 'Destins Hors Série', based on the work by Anne and Serge Golon.

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Q: Who is Carlotti the painter?
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