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Q: Who is J. David a painter of a cityscape oil painting?
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Was Michelangelo's first love oil painting?

No it was not. Throughout his painting of the Sistine chapel he insisted he was a sculptor, not a painter.

What is the most common painting medium that Master painter used?

Oil on canvas.

Has anyone ever heard of an oil painter named winstin?

I have a painting by a Winstin.

What flemish renaissance painter developed oil painting techniques?

jan van eyck

Was there a d motley who was a painter?

There is a painter by the name of D. Motley. His full name is David Motley. He did a lot of oil paintings.

Have you heard of an oil painter named garcia?

I have a painting of a co manche indian and the artist's name at the bottom is Garcia.

What has the author F C Johnston written?

F. C. Johnston has written: 'Complete Oil Painter' -- subject(s): Painting, Technique 'Sketching and Painting' -- subject(s): Drawing, Painting, Technique

What is a good book on oil painting techniques?

I would look on Amazon for a great selection. I would recommend Oil Painter's Solution Book by Elizabeth Tolley.

What artist painted with oil in extraordinary detail was credited with inventing oil paints as they know it today?

Jan van Eyck, Flemish painter, used to be credited for inventing oil painting.

What materials and techniques did Vincent van Gogh use to create his painting 'Sunflowers'?

Van Gogh was an oil painter.

Could you tell me anything about artist painter Al Bertram 1974 painting?

He was my Father. He was from WI and was an oil painter most of his life. If you have more specific questions, please email me at

Who is the painter e kunzel?

. I have a beautiful Oil Painting of a Woodland Scene by this artist. I am currently trying to learn more and if I do I will reply. Sam.