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A self portrait is a painting done by yourself of yourself, if you mean portrait, Gabriel Munter painted a portrait of Marianne in 1909

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Q: Who painted Marianne Von Werefkin's self portrait?
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When was self portrait with halo painted?

It was painted in 1889 by Paul Gauguin, and is also known as Symbolist Self Portrait.

Who painted the first self-portrait?

Davinci painted... "The Mona Lisa".

Who painted a self portrait of them-self with a bandaged ear?

Malak Mohamed

Who painted Double Self-Portrait?

Richard Estes

Which Dutch painter painted a self portrait in 1669?

Rembrandt painted three or four self portraits in 1669..

Is Pablo Picasso's self portrait painted?

Yes, he painted quite a few self portraits and drew some.

When was the portrait Time Flies by Frida Kahlo painted?

1925-1954 she was a full-time painter.

Who painted Soft self portrait with grilled bacon?

It was painted by Salvador Dali in 1941

Did Picasso make a self portrait?

Yes, he painted several. Just Google 'Picasso self portrait', and you will see four of them.

Who painted the van gogh self portrait with a bandeged ear?

It is an oil painting like most of his paintings.

How old was Picasso when he painted self portrait with uncombed hair?

He was 26.

In what year was 'Madame Lebrun and her Daughter' painted?

The self portrait by Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun was painted in 1789.