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Q: Who painted The Women and the Lovers?
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When did Magritte paint 'The Lovers'?

He painted it in 1928.

Who painted the picture the lovers and why?

some body who wants

When was Women as Lovers created?

Women as Lovers was created on 2008-01-29.

Who painted the picture The lovers?

There is one well-known by René Magritte.

When was Lonely Women Make Good Lovers created?

Lonely Women Make Good Lovers was created in 1972.

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Do Romanians make good lovers?

Yes, Romanians male are known as women lovers.

Should a women tell her husband about lovers?


Which women are better lovers?

Aries woman

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I honestly think that black women make better lovers cuz they no how to move there bodies, and satisfy their man

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no. she only had women lovers

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How big humans are have nothing to do with it.