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John Constable

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Q: Who was an English famous landscape painter of the 19th century?
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Who was the most famous VA artist from the 18th century?

Thomas Gainsbourough, an English painter, born in 1727, is one of the most famous artists from the 18th century. He was a landscape and portrait painter, with credits to such works as The Blue Boy, Colonel John Bollock and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andrews.

What are some painters that begin with the letter T?

J.M.W. Turner was a famous British 19th century watercolor landscape painter.

Who is William Turner?

J. M. W. Turner (William Turner) (1775-1851), English Romantic landscape painter, watercolourist and printmaker. He is most famous artist of this name. Click link below to read more about him! There is also William Turner (artist) of Oxford, English watercolour painter. And an additional 23 famous people of this name, mentioned on Wikipedia.

What was Joseph Mallord William Turner famous for?

He was a landscape painter who found the light more interesting than the subject of his paintings.

Who is a famous English painter and engraver of horses?

The most famous English horse painter is George Stubbs 1724-1806. However there are various other artists, including MUNNINGS.

Was Picasso the most famous painter of the 20th century?

Most people would say he was.

List of famous female New Mexico painter from 20th century?

Georgia O'Keefe.

'Why is Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin famous?

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin. was a famous French 18th century painter.

What is the name of the famous English painter known for seaside scenes?

JMW Turner.

Who is the most famous 19th century British painter?

Either JMW Turner or J Constable.

Who is the worlds most famous painter today?

Probably the English Artist David Hockney.

What is Ben Nicholson famous for?

Ben Nicholson is famous for being a British painter of abstract compositions, as well as still-life paintings and landscape paintings. He was born in 1894 and died in 1982.