Who were Georges Braque's parents?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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He was born in France because he is French.

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His father was a house painter.

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Q: Who were Georges Braque's parents?
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Who was the artist alongside Picasso known for developing cubism?

georges braques

Which French artist did Pablo Picasso meet?

Dozens of artists in Paris. He worked for some years with Georges Braques.

Where did Picasso and Braques start working?

Georges Braque painted "Man with a Guitar" early in 1912. The full image can be seen here:

What was george braques mother named?


Who are temepara Georges parents?

Mrs and Mr George

Who started the cubism movement?

Pablo Picasso and George Braques

What is is max alberto georges parents called?

shauna mchloclan

What started cubism?

Cubism began in Paris, France in the early 20th Century. Pablo Picasso and another artist George Braque began to exchange ideas in 1907-1914. In 1915 Braque had to join the French Army during World War I and was severely injured. This was the end of their work together.

What was Georges Seurat's parents' occupation?

His father was a legal official, his mother a housewife.

Who were georges surat's parents?

His dad was :Antoine chrysostom seurat his mom:Ernestine faivre

On Seinfeld what are georges parents name?

Frank and Estelle

Who is famous for cubism?

The founders of Cubism are generally considered to be Pablo Picasso and George Braques.