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Q: Why does chuck close paint using a grid system?
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What are you using when you open and close blinds?

A Pully system.

How do you paint a basketball?

by using paint brush

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With a Paint Brush and Paint. Using his arms.

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It should be paint remover using heat and not pain remover using heat. The answer is blowtorch which is used to strip off old paint.

How did van gogh paint his picture?

using a paint brush

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Is spraying paint on better than using a paint brush?

Yes. Spraying paint is faster.

Can you paint your bathroom without using enamel?

you can paint it with semi gross

How can you clean paint of the floor by using dissolving?

Apply paint remover to paint. Allow paint to dissolve into paint remover. Wipe off resulting mixture of paint and paint remover.

Can you paint walls using just white paint base?

Yes, it is the paint, the rest is just color.