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There was nothing baring knights from becoming lords. A knight could become a lord if the opportunity came.

A lord could also become a knight, but passing through the standard procedures to do that.

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Q: Can a knight be a lord?
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What types of achievements did one need in order to become a knight?

The types of achievements or things needed to become a knight include that they had to be holy and they had to become a squire and help the lord fight in battle and if the squire was old enough and the lord thought it was time he would become a knight so the squire would go home and take a bath and pray until the next day when he becomes a knight then the lord will ask the squire why do you want to become a knight and if the lord thinks it is a good answer then the squire would put on an armor suit and put his sword around his chest and the lord would take a sword and tap his shoulders three times while saying"I appoint thee Edward James a Knight'' And that is how you would become a knight.

What was the difference between a knight and a vassal?

The knights were originally the heavy cavalry. The word knight came to be a title, usually given by a monarch, and was regarded as the lowest level of the nobility. A vassal was a person who had a relationship of mutual obligation with a lord. The vassal sword loyalty and obedience, and the lord granted land and protection in exchange. A vassal could be a knight, and a knight could be a vassal, but there was nothing saying they had to be.

What is the first stage of becoming a knight?

The first stage of becoming a Knight was to serve a Lord as a page for seven years from the age of 7, learning a host of basic skills.

Why would a lord tap a squire on the shoulder?

The lord would tap on the squire's shoulders to announce that he is now a knight, but in the early middle ages the lord would hit the squire hard enough to knock him over.

What is a noble lord?

In the feudal system during and after the Middle Ages, a "knight" was the level below the nobility, who were the level below the king. A "vassal" was granted the use of land in exchange for fealty to a noble or knight. The noblemen directly under the king were called the "barrens" (from which the title baronderives).

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Is a knight the same as a lord?

In feudalism, a lord was a leader of his lands. A knight was a soldier dedicated to his lord.

What was the name for a knight who does not serve a lord?

Common in literature, but not in real life, a knight who was not in service to a lord was called a knight-errant.

What is a simple definition of feudalism?

lord gives land to knight, knight protects the lord

Can a medieval knight become a lord?

they were ..

What are the duties of a knight to his lord?

To server the lord, fight for him and many others tasks that a lord could give to the knight. But that dont force the knights go against religion i think.

What does a knight?

A knight served a lord or a king in medieval times. In times of war, a knight was expected to fight. Knights followed a code of chivalry, meaning they had to act with honor, bravery, courtesy, and loyalty.

Could a Lord be a Knight in the Middle Ages?


What is the difference between vassal and knight?

Nothing. A knight could be a vassal to his liege lord. When a squire is knighted, the new knight must swear alligence to his lord. When a liege lord calls on his vassals in times of war, the vassal knights must come to fight for him.

What did the boys do to become a knights?

The only why to become a knight is if your father was a knight or you did something very very good and the lord will make you into a knight

Knight kneels before a lord places his hands between the lord's hands and indicates that he is the lord's man The lord recognizes the knight as a vassal raises him to his feet and kisses him?

It's the commendation ceremony. See here:

What was the loyalty of a vassal to his lord?

It was called the feudal system, a knight would promise the lord loyalty and protection in return for land which would make the knight a vassal. The vassal and his family now fought for the lord and they were always loyal.

How a man became a knight?

He had to have a father who was a knight, or he could be knighted by a king [or Lord possibly] after proving himself worth of it.