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According to one "Pax Romana" website, quote, " The Holy Apostle Paul was able to travel throughout the Mediterranean on his missionary journeys because of the Pax Romana ("the Roman peace"). This is a period which lasted from 30 BC to 180 AD, when the Roman Empire brought peace, prosperity, and a relatively stable government to an area that spread from Britain to the Euphrates. "

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Q: Did Paul of Tarsus activities benefit from the pax romana?
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What is the city of Paul's execution?


Why did Paul appeal his case to the Roman Emperor?

Paul had been born as a Roman citizen. By calling on his rights as a Roman citizen, this afforded him increased protection under Roman law.

What role did St Paul play in expanding Christianity?

Paul was one of the apostles who undertook missionary journeys in the Roman Empire to preach and to convert people. He made three missionary trips and travelled around Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. He also played an important role in the early development of Christian theology.

What was Bill Gates the founder of?

Co-founder of Microsoft with Paul Allen.

Do you think Christianity would have developed in the same way if it had arisen in an area outside the roman empire?

It is unlikely that Christianity would have developed in the same way if it had arisen in an area outside the Roman Empire. Originally, the Christians were Jews who followed the Jewish Law and preached the teaching of Jesus to other Jews. The foundations of Christian theology were then laid by Paul of Tarsus, who said that salvation did not require following the Jewish laws. It required faith in Jesus as the saviour and this could free people form sin. Therefore, Paul made Christianity accessible to the gentiles (non-Jews) of the Roman Empire. The Christian churches and theology were developed by theologians and priest in various areas of the empire and was a Roman development. Had Christianity arisen outside the Roman Empire, it would have been developed by different people and would have been different.

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Where Paul was Birthplace?

It was in Tarsus.

Where did Paul lived?


Where was St. Paul's birth place?

Paul was from the town or Tarsus which today is in Turkey.

Did Paul of Tarsus marry?

No, Paul never did marry.

Where did st paul lived?


Was paul of tarsus black?

Yes he was.

Is Paul of Samosata and Paul Saul of Tarsus the same?

No. Paul of Samosata was Bishop of Antioch around 260-270 AD, about 200 years after the martyrdom of Paul (Saul) of Tarsus.

What was Saint Paul's family name?

Surnames were not used at the time of St. Paul. However, he was originally known as Saul of Tarsus. He was a native of Tarsus.

Where did Paul in the bible grow up?


Was Paul of Tarsus a trained lawyer?

Yes he was.

Which town did St. Paul come from?


Where was Saint Paul's birthplace?

He was born in the town of Tarsus in what today we would call southern Turkey.