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Generally, no. Very few did and books were hard to come by. The printing press wasn't invented until 1448 so books were not something people to go out and buy. The church told The Bible through stories, plays, and the stain glass windows in the church walls. In court cases people verbally told the judge what was the problem ( that is why we have testimony in cases today), and stories like Robin Hood were oral poems so people could remember the tale and retell it over and over. Some nobility could read and the priests did read as well as wrote or copied books.

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No, only princes, kings, queens, some barons and baronesses, and barely any knights knew how to read.

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Q: Did children go to school in the middle ages?
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Who is in lower class in middle ages?

The serfs were the poorest people in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages there were also homeless people and abandoned children/women so they could be considered the poorest. They lived in the streets and would go to the rivers/coasts to pick up discarded items and garbage.

How long did children live in Medieval Times?

In Western Europe, there was no standard age for beginning education. Most children in the Middle Ages were probably not educated. Those who went to school were probably educated for a while before they went. In the Byzantine Empire, there was a system of primary education, but its purpose was to see that all soldiers were literate. I do not know when peoples started into it. We do not have a lot of information on the education of children, but it is a matter of record that Matilda of Scotland, who was born in 1080 and was the daughter of King Malcolm III and St. Margaret, started her education in an abbey school at the age of six. We also know that Hildegard of Bingen was probably sent to a convent, where she was formally educated, at the age of eight. There are links below.

What did a chamberlain do in the Middle Ages?

The Chamberlain headed the Chamber. The Chamber was branch of government in charge of expenditures. Basically, he made sure the royal government's revenue, collected by the exchequer, went where it needed to go.

Where are jousting tornaments held?

i think it was held in the middle ages If you want to see a joust, you can go to a Renaissance Fair or watch the movie "A Knight's Tale."

What did the nobles do in the Middle Ages?

Nobles in the Middle Ages are like managers now a day. Taking care of their land and managing their household or land. Noble men were forced to go and fight in war though and while they were away their wife took control of the land. So they had the overall power until their husband returned.

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