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Yes, and contrary to popular belief, jests mostly weren't crazy men which just acted weird. And often they were the only persons the king could fully trust upon or even were his best advisors.

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We really cannot make generalizations about jesters' families with much success. Jesters were chosen for their humor and wit, but in theory they could have come from any level of society. Some jesters made a lot of money and acquired estates, which put them into the gentry. There were probably many who were not so lucky. Whether they usually married, had children, stayed in contact with relatives, and so on, is a guess.

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Q: Did medieval court jesters have families?
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Where did Jesters live in Medieval times?

Medieval Jesters traveled from castle to castle, in the Medieval town.

What sort of costumes do jesters traditionally wear?

Jesters were a type of clown in Medieval times who were expected to entertain court. Therefore they often had bright dress with a distinctive hat with many bells.

A Kings recreation of Medieval Times?

For entertainment, (recreation) that kings would do in the medieval times were to have big feasts, sing, eat, dance and sit down and let the court jesters entertain them.

Were jesters boys or girls in medieval times?

its possible

What is name of medieval jesters costume?

A fool's costume in medieval times was called Motley.

Who became court jesters?

Court jesters were people who seemed funny to the monarch. This feature was mostly based on their wit.

What did a jester eat in Medieval Times?

In medieval Europe, court jesters would have had access to the food of wealthy people. In addition to bread, they would have eaten beef, pork, fish, and the meat of game birds.

What time period were jesters in?

Jesters were primarily active during the medieval and Renaissance periods, roughly from the 5th to the 17th century. They entertained the nobility with humor, music, and acrobatics, often serving as a source of amusement and comic relief at court events and banquets.

The art music and philosophy of the medieval period in Europe dealt with?


Where do medieval jesters live?

In the fall, they would live in the presence of the King

Did court jesters live with the king and queen?

Jesters (the term 'jester' was not even coined until the Tudor times in England) were a diverse group of entertainers who lived in a variety of places. Court jesters lived in medieval castles and were specifically employed by the king or barons.

The art music and philosophy of the medieval period in Europe generally dealt with?