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The Ancient Romans believed that when one died, one was sent to Mercury, the messenger God, where their soul crossed the river Styx, which flowed nine times around the underworld. A coin was placed in the mouth of the ferryman/ Charon for the passage across. The soul would then be judged by Aeneas and Rhadymanthas.

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The ancient Romans believed that when people died, their spirits went to hades. In order to get there, they needed to cross the River Styx. This required the services of a ferryman, who charged 2 coins for the service. Relatives used to place a coin on each eye of the deceased, to ensure passage across the Styx. If the departed spirit did not have the necessary coins, then it was doomed to wander the earth forever.
Important poets and heroes sometimes had a different fate, one of which was to ascend to the stars above.
Those whom the gods wished to punish were given eternal tasks and obligations in the afterlife.

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Yes, they did. The dead went to the underworld.

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Q: Did the Romans believe in life after death?
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