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The dominant religion in the Middle Ages depended on where you were. In most of Europe, it was Christianity, and in the Middle East and North Africa, for most of the Middle Ages, it was Islam. There were places where both were about equally important, such as Spain.

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Islam, during the time of the Ottoman Empire.

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Q: During the middle ages What religion dominated the middle east?
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What institution dominated during the Middle Ages?

The Catholic Church Humanities 205 University Of Phoenix Answer Romans and Athenians were in a war that affected their power and influence on Europe.

One difference between the Middle Ages and previous eras is that during the Middle Ages. One difference between the Middle Ages and previous eras is that during the Middle Ages .?

well your wording is confusing😕

How important was religion in medieval England?

The middle ages were the dark ages or the medieval ages. During this time period the church was pretty much the head and rule. Everyone was roman catholic and they put God first then the priest. Religion united the people during this time because it was the one thing they all had in common during those hard times.

How would you put medieval in a sentence?

Medieval is an adjective which describes the period of time known as the middle ages. So by saying something is medieval you are saying that it comes from the middle ages.Examples:That sword is medieval.In medieval times, knights dominated the battlefield.If you want to use medieval as a noun then you have to you the term "middle ages".Examples:That sword is from the middle ages.In the middle ages, knights dominated the battlefield.It doesn't make sense, and also sounds wrong, if you try to use medieval as a noun or middle ages as an adjective.Examples:That sword is from medieval.That sword is middle ages.

During the Middle Ages noblewomen had?

During the middle ages noble women had no opportunity no learn how to read and write.

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What was a peasants religion?

most of the time a peasants religion during the middle ages was Christianity in the form of catholic religion whether you were a king, knight, lord or peasant your life was dominated by the church

Why was religion important during the middle ages?

Because religion was so important during the Middle Ages, most people owned Bibles.

Was Protestant or Roman Catholic the main religion in the Middle Ages?

Catholicism was the predominate religion during the Middle Ages.

Who was the head of the christian religion in the middle ages?

In Europe during the Middle Ages the only recognized religion was Christianity, in the form of the Catholic religion.

What thing had the most influence during the middle ages?

wars had the most influence during the Middle Ages in Europe.

Where did the Mormons settle in the Middle Ages?

The religion of Mormonism didn't exist in the middle ages. The middle ages were from 410 AD to 1400 and Joseph Smith didn't create the religion until the 1800's in the United States. During the middle ages the only religion was the Catholic. So to answer your question they didn't settle anywhere.

What two forces dominated the lives of most people during the Middle Ages?

The Catholic church was the primary force in the middle ages and the other force was the need to stay alive which became a feudal society.

During the middle ages the largest and most powerful religion is western Europe was the?

Roman Catholic

What can you infer conclude about Medieval society during the Middle Ages?

That the whole of their culture was based on religion.

What subjects were taught at universities during the Middle Ages?

The study of religion was the most valued field of study in the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church was all powerful.

Who dominated or controlled life for all people in the middle ages?

The Church

During the middle ages how did people express their devotion to religion?

they went to church and prayed in large cathedrals