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The middle ages were the dark ages or the medieval ages. During this time period the church was pretty much the head and rule. Everyone was roman catholic and they put God first then the priest. Religion united the people during this time because it was the one thing they all had in common during those hard times.

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Religion was quite important as they went to church regularly.

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Yes religion was very important back then even if you were very poor, middle class, or very rich.

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Q: How important was religion in medieval England?
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How important was Englands religion in medieval England?

monasteries, Priests, church - were all very important parts of religion.

In what countries was medieval culture important?

Medieval England

What was the main religion in Western Europe in Medieval time?

Catholicism, the Roman Catholic version of Christianity, was the principal religion in medieval England

What religion did people in England follow in medieval times?


What was the main religion in medieval England?

The main religion in 11th century England was Christianity. You can see many examples Christianity had on 11th century England through the many cathedrals introduced during this time including: York Minster Durham Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral, and Wells Cathedral.

What religion was a reeve?

A reeve was a medieval town or village secular official. In England a man's religion was not relevant to his position as reeve.

Why in Medieval Japan art was so important?

It refelcted their lives and religion.

Are castles the most important way rulers kept power in medieval England?

yes it is one of the ways that the rulers kept power in medieval England but it isn't the most important way

Who was in overall control of religion in medieval England?

In the time of Henry XIII of England, he divorced Catherine of Aragon so he could marry another woman who could give him a son. This started the Anglican faith, as he had to sever all ties to the pope to make this divorce possible. So, Henry XIII was in charge of religion in medieval England.

How did the Victorians feel about religion?

Religion was extremely important in the Victorian era. In Victoria England, the Church of England was the most dominant church.

What did the people of medieval England discover?

In medieval England Salt was discovered

What is the similar between medieval London and medieval England?

the difference is that they were very important London and the country as well the London city was in the west were covent garden is