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Desiderius Erasmus, Thomas Becket

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Q: Famous medieval priest
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What did Medieval bishop do?

they were the head priest of a city.

What advantages and disadvantages were there to being a priest in the medieval times?

What are the pros and cons of being a priest in the Middle Ages?

How important was religion in medieval England?

The middle ages were the dark ages or the medieval ages. During this time period the church was pretty much the head and rule. Everyone was roman catholic and they put God first then the priest. Religion united the people during this time because it was the one thing they all had in common during those hard times.

How did the urban nobility come to be in the renaissance?

The priest of GNP is dead

What jobs did medieval villagers do?

This is just information that I gained from reading a Medieval Times book at school.The jobs that Medieval villagers did were things like. Planting vegetables in the garden,They ploughed at the month of Feburary, and women and children helped to drive the oxen.On march, the seed for oats had to be sown and then the villagers used a harrow which was then used to cover the seeds over with oil.Other jobs included weeding, chasing away birds, and even more ploughing.In the month of June the villagers sheared the sheep, and the hay harvest in the meadow began, the hay was then cut and stacked in the barn, the villagers allowed the cattle in to the field to eat the stubble.Men villaers collected firewood, they had to dig draining ditches and repaired buildings.This isn't much, but this is all that I discovered. (:

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What did priest eat for breakfast?

The medieval priest ate trout and tobacco leaves.

Could a Medieval priest be part of the archdeaconry?

Lol no

What was The lowest ranked position in the medieval church hierarchy?

its is the perish priest

What did Medieval bishop do?

they were the head priest of a city.

What did a medieval priest wear?

The normally wore robes which were black / brownin color.

What illnesses did medieval priest suffer from?

they sufferd from the plague thought to be brought on by god

In what ways was the Church important to medieval people?

It taught them to learn about the bible and to trust the priest

What was the priest and church in the medieval times?

hat they did was they went to peoples marrages, deaths and births

What was the role of a priest in medieval villages?

The priest provided for the spiritual well being of the villagers. He performed church services, such as baptism and mass, and he provided guidance.

The lowest ranked position in the medieval church hierarchy was a?

if your discharge is may be due to bleeding which can be caused by excessive finger blasting

How where medieval priests treated?

They were treated with respect and it was illegal to hang a priest.

What was the name of the famous priest who died in the middle ages?

it is fuge.