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The were two main cults, the Pythian Apollo in Delphi and the Delian Apollo in the island of Delos. The Pythian Apollo was an oracular deity. He was the patron of Delhi and the prophetic god of the Oracle of Delphi (Pythia) who carried out her divinations at the temple of Apollo and whose prophecies were inspired by Apollo. People came to consult the Pythia from all over the Greek world and beyond. He was also said to have been born in the island of Delos and the temple there was of comparable importance to that of Delphi. In the Delian Apollo cult, sacrifices were offered to him.

There were temples to oracular Apollo elsewhere. Didyma had the second most renown oracle. Clarus also had a famous oracle who was inspired by the Apollo Clarius.

As a god of the arts, shrines were also spread all over Greece and her colonies.

As a patron of the colonies he was also worshiped in the colonies.

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the romans and the ancient greeks worshiped apollo

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every one cant answer this

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Q: How did Greeks worship Apollo?
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How did the ancient Greeks worship Apollo?

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How did the Greeks worship Apollo?

The Greeks worshipped Apollo through various festivals, rituals, and sacrifices. They built temples dedicated to him, such as the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. They also held competitions, like the Pythian Games, in his honor. People sought his guidance and healing through oracles, particularly at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Did the Greeks like the god Apollo?

Well.. if you mean like as in worship and sacrifice all there best animals than yes, they did like him.EPIC

Who is the Roman goddess of sun and music?

Apollo. In the religion of the early Romans there's no trace of the worship of Apollo. The Romans were introduced to his divinity by the Greeks, and adopted all of their ideas about him from them as well. There's no doubt that the Romans knew of his worship amongst the Greeks from a very early time, and tradition says that they consulted Apollo's oracle at Delphi even before the expulsion of the kings, but the first temple that was raised to him by the Romans is in 430 BC. That temple was raised to him for the purpose of averting a plague.

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Either you mean if Apollo had a religion - which he did not, as a god himself worship another god. Or what the religion that worshiped Apollo was called, the worship of many gods (such as the Greek ones, of which Apollo is one) is called "pagan", the cult worship of Apollo was widespread.

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Ancient Greeks.

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If you mean worship, yes, ancient people worshiped Apollo.

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