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It can throw as far as 10 kilometres away at an avg speed of 70km/h like how people in the past use during wars.

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2 meter

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Q: How far can a trebuchet throw?
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How far does a trebuchet throw?

70000000 miles

How far does a model trebuchet throw?

Varies dependent on scale, overall size, tension, etc.

What is the purpose of a trebuchet?

A trebuchet is a type of siege engine used in medieval warfare to launch projectiles at enemy fortifications. It was used to break down walls, towers, and gates during sieges.

What is the difference between a trebuchet and a catapult?

The difference is that the trebuchet sling the stone or fireballs .A catapult doesn't sling and it doesn't carry as much weight

Can a Trebuchet or an Onager throw an object further?

I think a Trebuchet can shoot farther. Feel free to edit this post if you find proof that this is incorrect.

What are some catapult designs?

As far as i know there are three: the basic catapult, trebuchet, and the floating arm trebuchet.

Is the trebuchet still used to day?

Interestingly enough it is, just not for military uses. There is a contest called, "Punkin Chunkin" every year that has a trebuchet division. There are also several performance artists who throw things with trebuchet.

What are the similarities between a catapult and a trebuchet?

a trebuchet is a type of catapult. it used a counter weight

What does a trebuchet a catapult and a ballista have in common?

They all throw a stone, rock or arrow.

Is a catapult stronger than a trebuchet?

In some ways, yes. A trebuchet can hurl objects farther and higher than a catapult, but a catapult can throw with more force.

What was used to throw rocks into castles?

A device called a Catapult. Answer 2 Also a trebuchet

What were trebuchet used for?

Trebuchets were used to throw stones--or dead animals--with great accuracy.