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how many families ruled in the middle ages

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Q: How many families ruled England in the middle ages?
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What is the political and military system of the middle ages?

Medieval Europe was ruled by kings and aristocratic families.

Who ruled England for the longest time in the middle ages?

Henry III from 1216-1272. That is 56 years.

Was life safe in the middle ages when the Tudors ruled?

Sorry, the Tudors ruled after the Middle Ages ended, so the question is moot.

How was the position of the church in the Middle Ages?

The Catholic church was the "state" and ruled the society of the middle ages.

What is the difference between the duchies of Italy and the duchy of England during the middle ages?

You are clearly very confused. England has never been a Duchy (a territory ruled by a Duke).

Did queen Victoria of England rule druing the middle ages?

did the queen of England, Victoria rule during the middle ages?

What country was ruled by shoguns during the middle ages?


Where was Normandy in the Middle ages?

It has always been in the same place: France However, in those times, the Normans ruled the area. Later, a Norman became a king of England, so it was ruled by England for a time. See the related link for more details.

Did nobles have families in the Middle Ages?

yes but some families died when they were just born

Who ruled Europe before the start of the middle ages?

No one ruled Europe in its entirety. The Roman Empire was the largest country in Europe before the Middle Ages, and it was ruled by its emperors. There is a link below to a list of the Roman Emperors, and those who were emperors before 476 AD were emperors before the Middle Ages began.

How did the role of cities change in the middle ages?

the pope ruled then after the emperor.

What is a baliey castle in the middle ages?

A motte and bailey Castle is what was built in England when William Duke of Normandy ruled. They were built for speed so they could intimmidate the peasents.