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It was a 1,000 years long.

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Q: How many years did the middle ages last?
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Did serfs have last names?

No. In the Middle Ages many people did not have family names.

How many inventions did Thomas Edison have in his middle ages?

Thomas who? Need a last name here to answer.

How many years since the Middle Ages ended?

The Middle Ages ended in the 15th century, with specific years for the end given differently by different historians. Probably the most common date given is in 1453, about 558 years ago.

How many dark ages did the US have?

None. The US is only 200 years old. The middle or dark ages lasted from 410 to 1500 over a thousand years.

How many families ruled England in the middle ages?

how many families ruled in the middle ages

How many pages does The Pagan Middle Ages have?

The Pagan Middle Ages has 160 pages.

What are the age groups of middle school and high school in Australia?

Middle school and High school ages depend entirely on individual school and when they set their Middle School. They vary from anywhere in years 6-9 (ages 10 - 15) for Middle school to Years 9-12 for High school (ages 14 - 18). Many schools do not have a Middle school, but separate into Primary and Secondary.

Did a women travel in Middle Ages?

Some did, many did not.

In the last 200000 years how many ice ages have there been?

at least 3 of varying degrees.,

What ended the middle age?

The Black Plague, the war that lasted over 100 years, and starvation were 3 of the many reasons that the middle ages ended.

Who was the ruler of the middle ages?

There was no one ruler. It was a 1000 years long, so many people ruled many countries at different times.

How many catherdals were there in the Middle Ages?

The Middle Ages lasted a thousand years. Cathedrals came and went, though most probably lasted. The number was very large. One definition of the word city is the site of an episcopal see, a legal definition once used (still used?) in much of Britain. If we apply that definition, there were as many cathedrals in the Middle Ages as there were cities.