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Q: How was the renewed religious feeling of the middle ages shown?
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What plays were shown at the theatre of Pompey?

anything could have been shown just depends if they felt like acting

What did it mean if you had a long belt and you were in the middle ages?

There is a modern popular myth that belt length signified relative status (the longer the belt, the more important the person).This idea is total rubbish and is not supported by pictorial evidence from the period. Kings are often shown with very short belts, while knights often have long belt-ends - but some are shown as being short. Wealthy nobles, both male and female, are shown with belt-ends of different lengths from very short to very long. It was clearly a matter of personal choice and nothing at all to do with indicating social status.

How many millennia are shown on a timeline?

there are four

What did medieval art do?

church and later, secular subjects. While many different styles encompass the medieval art form, perhaps two of most recognizable are Romanesque and Gothic. These two styles are visible in many different forms throughout the medieval period. The medieval art, in its earliest form, was most often found in the church, being shown in the architecture, the murals and panels found in the religious setting. As was typical and to be expected with artwork that originated in the church, the subjects were religious in nature, frequently showing stories from the Old and New Testaments, often placing them side by side. The lives of the saints were also commonly shown. Early medieval art forms portrayed their subjects, such as the Virgin Mary, as iconic and somewhat two dimensional. As the Romanesque and Gothic forms developed, the subjects were given more depth, frequently being shown interacting in a more personal manner with more three dimensional human qualities. While the many art forms may have originated in the church, as the wealth of the nobility and the upper classes grew, so did their interest in and their desire to acquire and own the art of their own. This caused a change in the subject matter. While religious themes were still quite common, secular, or non-religious themes began to appear. The wealth of the upper class allowed individuals to patronize specific artists, commissioning certain works. Masters opened studios where apprentices studied. Guilds were also formed for the artists. The paintings of the medieval period, generally the Gothic form, can be categorized into four different areas. Frescos, or what could be thought of as wall murals, which involved applying paint to wet plaster which was then allowed to dry to finish the work. Panel paintings, where egg based paints were applied to wooden panels. Manuscript illumination, where books

How long has marijuana been around?

7.6 million years ago is the oldest dating cannabis plant, although it has been shown that the THC must have taken at least another 1 million years to evolve to the point that the first plant was found.

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