How were medieval people paid?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Payments were usually made in silver coin. There was not a lot of gold used in much of the Middle Ages. The Byzantine Empire had copper coins, but in the West, it was usually silver. In much of the medieval time, the coins were of a design derived from the old Roman denarius, and this included the French denier and the English penny.

Serfs were sometimes not paid, but simply allowed to live and farm on a manor in exchange for part of the harvest. They were usually paid for certain tasks, however, including payments for things they made on their own. For example, young women who were serfs often spun thread for income.

There was certainly barter going on in most places.

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by giving them land

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Q: How were medieval people paid?
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Did medieval people get paid?

yes except serfs

What services did the medieval church have that had to be paid for?

exorcisms had to be paid for

Was a medieval chef paid?

Medieval chefs like other medieval workers for the gentry were usually paid in keep (paid in food and accommodation and clothing). With only a small amount in wages (money).

How much would a medieval torturers paid?

they would be paid shitloads

What were the peasants paid in medieval England?


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They probably did i think

What does a medieval grave digger get paid?

No doubt, they would of got paid money...

How much does a medieval goldsmith get paid?

The medieval period ended a while ago, and all the goldsmiths from that period are dead, so they don't get paid at all.

In the Medieval times did people in the castle get paid for working?

Only nights would get riches, they would get land and the treasure in that land.

What was military service paid as tax called in medieval times?

Tax paid as military service to feudal lords and Kings in medieval period was called SOCAGE.

Did people in the medieval villages get paid for their job?

Many of the people who lived in medieval villages were serfs, and there were times when serfs worked in exchange for rent and protection, rather than for pay Villagers who were not serfs generally were paid, though they might have been given room and board as part of the work arrangement, and very little money.

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