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The two consuls of the Roman Republic were the two annually elected heads of the Republic and the army. They were not chosen by the senators. They were elected by one of the three popular assemblies of the Republic: the Assembly of the Soldiers.

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Q: In Rome who were the consuls and how where they chosen who were the senators?
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How is leadership chosen in the roman empire?

The Roman citizens voted for senators to represent them and 2 consuls are chosen to govern Rome. oops, a slight correction is needed. The senators were never elected by the Roman people, their selection was not a democratic one .

Who were below the consuls?

The consuls were the rulers of Rome. They were elected by the people. Below them were the senators, then the people of the country.

Which ancient city had tribunes consuls and senators?

The ancient city of Rome had tribunes, consuls, and senators. These were the various levels of elected political officials in the Roman Republic.

Who were important to roman life?

Emperors, slaves, consuls, senators this is ancient Rome

Who was the leader of rome that was killed?

Literally hundreds of Roman leaders were killed. Kings, Consuls, Generals, Senators, Emperors, Princes, etcetera.

Rome achieved a balance in their government by creating?

Representation of the plebs in the senate. One of the two annual consuls had to be a pleb, and the retiring consuls joined the senate, so there was an increasing proportion of senators from the plebs, and decreasing proportion from the patricians.

What was the most powerful official in Rome called?


Who were the the counsels and senators were when rome was a republic?

I guess that counsels is a misspelling of consuls. The consuls were the two annually elected heads of the city and the army. The senators were the members of the Roman senate. The senate was an advisory body. It was not elected and its members were former officers of state and aristocrats. It did not propose bills or vote on them. The bills were proposed by the consuls or the plebeian tribunes and voted on by the popular assemblies. However, the senate issued decrees. By the mid Republic it became the most powerful political body of Rome.

What is a sentence using the word were?

The old trees were cut down because they were unsafe to pedestrians. We were confident that the problem could be solved in time. The leaders of Rome were the consuls and the senators.

What title were the two rulers of rome called during the republic?

The consuls were the two annually elected heads of the Roman Republic.

What patrician elders advised the consuls during the roman republic?

The patrician elders who advised the consuls in the Early republic were the senators. Later, rich plebeians were also allowed to become senators.

How many councils led Rome?

2 consuls led Ancient Rome.