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People known as serfs.

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Q: In europes feudal system which group was tied to the land they worked unable to leave without permission?
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What are workers who could not leave their land without permission?

Serfs were workers who were bound to the land and could not leave without permission from the landowner. This system was common in feudal societies, where serfs were tied to the land and obligated to work for the landowner in exchange for protection and the right to work the land.

What is the name of a peasant who was bound to soil?

A serf is a peasant who was bound to the land they worked on, unable to leave without permission from their lord. This system of serfdom was common in feudal societies during the Middle Ages.

Why was the black death the most significant event in medieval England?

the black death killed over 1 third of europes population alone it changed and reshaped feudal system it was the worlds worst plauge

Did Romans use the feudal system?

No, the feudal system was a medieval system.

Where did the feudal system exist?

feudal is the answer

What was one of the outgrowths of the feudal system?

Chivalry was an outgrowth of the feudal system

What responsibilitys did peasants have in feudal system?

They supported the entire feudal system by working the land.

What does serfdom means?

Serfdom is a system where an individual is bound to the land and required to work for the landowner in exchange for protection and a small plot of land. Serfs were not free to leave the land without the landowner's permission and were subject to various obligations and restrictions on their freedom. This system was prevalent in feudal societies during the Middle Ages.

What is a feudal laborer?

a labourer who labours under a feudal system

How feudal system work?

the feudal system works how by William taking the mici out of people to be loyal to him.

Why did William build a feudal system?

William created the feudal system to keep control of England

Was the feudal system weakened of strengthened because of the crusades?

The feudal system was weakened because of the crusades.