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Yes, manorialism is an agreement between two nobles concerning land and services.

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Q: Is Manorialism an agreement between two nobles concerning land and services?
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What is the difference between appeasement and a compromise?

Appeasement means to give into a conflict and compromise means agreement of a dispute that's reached by each side making concessions

How did feudalism contribute to the idea that gov is based on contractual relationships?

It didn't. A contract is an agreement between people for a service or product, but feudalism is when one man rules and all others do what he tells them. There is no contract between parties in a system like that. Out of that did develop laws that would eventually lead to contracts.

What was the peace of Wedmore?

The Peace of Wedmore The Peace of Wedmore is an agreement reached between the King Alfred and Guthrum, Danish King of East Anglia, around the year 878. It established a firm frontier, north and east of which would come to be called the Danelaw, between Alfred's England and Danish held territories.

What was the Peace of Westphalia?

The Peace of Westphalia was a treaty agreement between Spain and the Dutch in 1648. This agreement put an end to the Thirty Years' War. The peace of Westphalia is recognized to be the beginning of modern international relations based on the recognition of state sovereignty. Westphalia recognized sovereignty of Netherlands and German states which meant that Europe would not unite under an emperor. This also meant the decline for the Habsburg monarchy and papal authority who enjoyed support from Phillip II of Spain.

What is subinfeudation?

The feudal system was based on permanent heritable land grants in exchange for services. At its origin these services were military services, so the crown (the ultimate landowner) granted large tracts of land to nobles and in exchange the nobles pledged to provide so many knights or footsoldiers in case of war. Those great nobles could grant part of that land to lesser nobles in exchange for a promise of lesser military support, and these in turn made smaller grants until at some point there was a grant to a person (called the freeholder) who actually farmed or lived on the land, and had to provide simple services such as a certain number of days' labour or a certain quantity of grain. These lesser relationships between one who granted land and one who provided services, nested within each other like Russian dolls, were called subinfeudation.

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What is a spate agreement?

An agreement is a compromise or understanding between two parties concerning a specific set of details. A spate agreement is when the two parties agree exactly with no need for compromise.

An agreement between Britain and America concerning any future central American canal?

Clayton-Bulwer Treaty

Sales Agreement?

Get StartedThis Agreement can be constructed to cover the sale of goods or the exchange of services between to companies. If one business is providing goods or products to the other, an Agreement for sale of goods� should be created. If one business is providing services to another, an Agreement for services should be created. If you require more detailed information before making your decision the following help topics can help: Sales Agreement for Services

What are the terms and agreement of professional contracts?

Goods or services must be offered and an agreement struck between theparties to pay or reimbuse for the good or service.

What was the agreement called between the US and Britain concerning the capture of American merchant ships in the west indies?

Figure it out yourselg

What agreement between Roosevelt and Stalin at the Yalta conference generated the most criticisms of Roosevelt after the war?

agreements concerning soviet territorial demands

How did manorialism affect western civilization?

Manorialism is a system of social relations between seigneurs or lords and their dependent farm laborers, serfs, in the Middle Ages. Manorialism is also known as the Manorial System. The political, economic, and social system is what the peasants of medieval Europe were made dependent on their land derived from the word "manor".

Which of the following describes a major difference between the systems of manorialism and European economic systems that developed after the Commercial Revolution?

Manorialism offered farmers and craftsmen less economic freedom than they experienced after the Commercial Revolution.

What can Manorialism can best be described as?

the economic ties between the nobles and the peasants who worked on their lands. (this is for study island)

What type of contract is a business consultant agreement?

A Business Consultant Agreement is a contract between a company that desires business consulting and an independent business consultant. A basic agreement would outline the type of services performed, time devoted and payment.

What is the difference between franchise and royalty?

Franchisee is an agreement between two parties of endorsing a right to use or sell of products, services of other party. Royalty is the amount of income which will get by other party, who transferred the right to use or sell products, services through Franchisee agreement. Thank You, Naresh Peddineni Chartered Accountant.