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Jongleurs and troubadours performed music and sang.

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Q: Jongleurs and troubadours performed
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Compare modern troubadours to middle age troubadours.?

Medieval troubadours were poet-composers who served patrons at courts of the nobility. They were of many social classes, but mostly of the noble class. They sometimes performed their own compositions, but often employed joglars to perform for them. Their songs covered a variety of topics from love to politics and debate. Their songs were orally circulated, but they were NOT folk musicians, they wrote for the upper class. They may have wandered, but not aimlessly; from court to court, looking for a patron. Modern troubadours usually identify themselves with the folk movement, and believe that the roots of medieval traditions are found in folk, the music of the people. They are usually wandering, disenfranchised persons who have an important message to share through the medium of music. They are similar to the medieval troubadours in that the text and the music are of equal importance to them.

What were common subjects of troubadours' songs during the Middle Ages?

Troubadours sang mostly of chivalry and courtly love. There is a link to an article on them below.

Who were traveling entertainers in medieval times?

minstrels and jongleurs

Where did courtly love originate?

It's thought to have originated in Provence with the troubadours.

Where did the troubadours live in the medieval times?

well, actually they could live anywhere. But mainly they didn't have permanent settlement. Troubadours traveled constantly to play for different crowds all around their continent (very rarely away from their continent).

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What did Jongleurs and troubadours perform?

Jongleurs and troubadours were minstrels, who travelled around France in the Middle Ages, performing songs which they usually wrote themselves, accompanying themselves on the lute and other stringed instruments. If they lived in the 21st century, we'd call them singer-songwriters! In fact, their lyrics are some of the earliest examples of love poetry (in French, also in the Provencal language).

What were Songs performed by jongleurs that told of great and heroic deeds called?

chansons de geste

What is similar to the troubadours?

Minnesingers were similar to troubadours, being poet-musicians in medieval Europe who composed and performed songs about courtly love. They were popular in German-speaking regions from the 12th to 14th centuries and shared a focus on themes of chivalry and romance with troubadours.

When was Jongleurs created?

Jongleurs was created in 1983.

What is Montigny-les-Jongleurs's population?

The population of Montigny-les-Jongleurs is 77.

When was The Troubadours created?

The Troubadours was created in 2004.

What are troubadours and trouveres?

Travelling, noble poet-composers from France who wrote and performed songs of chivalric love and heroics.

What is the area of Montigny-les-Jongleurs?

The area of Montigny-les-Jongleurs is 5,000,000.0 square meters.

When was Strung-Out Troubadours created?

Strung-Out Troubadours was created in 2006.

What instrament did minstrels play?

In the Middle Ages, minstrels, jongleurs, troubadours, and minnesingers were all musicians. For the most part they travelled, so they did not use heavy instruments, such as organs. They used harps, lutes, lyres, fiddles (including bowed lyres), flutes, flageolets, pipes, bagpipes, drums, and so on.

When was Troubadours of Folk created?

Troubadours of Folk was created on 1992-04-21.