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The Roman catholic church during the middle ages in Europe can best be described as a church that was a stable influence. This was during a time where central governments were weaker.

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Q: The roman catholic church during the middle ages in Europe can best be described as a church that?
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The generally approved church in Western Europe during the medieval period was the?

Catholic Church

What institution dominated during the Middle Ages?

The Catholic Church Humanities 205 University Of Phoenix Answer Romans and Athenians were in a war that affected their power and influence on Europe.

What were the main unifying factors of medieval Europe?

Oversimplified, the major unifying force of Europe during the middle ages was universal Christianity (both Roman Catholic and Orthodox) providing an us-vs-them mentality in oppostion to their Islamic foes in the Ottoman Empire, the caliphates (abbasid, fatimid, etc.), the Emirate of Cordoba, and Al-Andulas.

Which statement best describes the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe during the Middle Ages?

The Church provided a sense of stability, unity, and order.Roman Catholic AnswerThe Middle Ages in Europe were a time of intense Catholicism. The people were very devout and their entire lives revolved around the Church. Many young people entered religious orders and for the most part family life revolved around the local parish Church. Spiritually, the people in the Middle Ages were far advanced from the spiritual morass in whicht our world currently finds itself.

Which Church was the dominant one in Europe from the tenth century up to the period of the renaissance?

The Roman Catholic Church was the head of everything and held together Europe during its bad times. But once things became better and people started thinking more that's when other denominations started appearing like the Lutherans and other Protestant churches.

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