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He was the only Roman emperor who became a saint.

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Q: Was Constantine the only emperor who became a saint?
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Who became the first Roman Emperor known as Augustus?

Gauis Octavian Thurinus was the great nephew of Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar adopted him as his heir and he became Gauis Octavian Caesar and when he became emperor he adopted the name Augustus Caesar, he was the first Roman Emperor. Julius Caesar only had the title 'dictator for life'

What happened to the Roman empire after the death of Constantine?

Two important things happened to the Roman Empire after the death of Constantine. First, it became more Christian and less tolerant, not only persecuting pagans and Jews, but eventually destroying all books that did not further the cause of Christianity. Second, the empire went into serious decline, until the Western Empire ceased even to exist after 476 CE.40 years later the Western Empire was swallowed up by the Goths and others, but the Eastern Empire lasted another 1,000 years until taken over by the Ottoman Turks.

When did emperor Constantine rule that Christianity will be the formal religion of the roman empire?

After witnessing an image of the crucified Jesus Christ in the sky, at least according to later Christian propaganda, Emperor Constantine (who was Emperor of only one quarter of the then Roman Empire) proceeded to win the battle for Rome by defeating Emperor Maxentius in 312 C.E. It is as true, and rather more likely, that Constantine witnessed a falling meteorite which he was then told was a sign from the Christian God. Too, he may have come across a weather phenomenon know as the 'halo effect' by which the sun is reflected off freezing water in the sky to peculiar effect when viewed from the ground. It should be noted that at this time that the heavily outnumbered Constantine was desperate for any sign that would confirm his faltering, virginal faith. Constantine, Roman emperor from 306 AD to 337 AD, converted Christianity from a persecuted cult to a religion--one among many, however-- that was to be recognized throughout the Empire. In 312 AD, the emperor decreed that, from that time forth, the persecution of Christianity was to end. It is worth noting however, that Costantine was sufficiently canny to leave the heads of 'pagan' Roman gods on the coins, did not convert all the temples to churches, and did not himself get baptised until the hour of his death.

Which Roman emperor moved the capital of the Empire to Byzantium?

The emperor Constantine I (or the Great) did not move the imperial capital of the roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium. He moved the imperial capital of the eastern part of the Roman Empire from Nicomedia (in north-western Turkey) to the nearby Byzantium, which he redeveloped and renamed after himself -- Constantinople (City of Constantine). Milan remained the imperial capital of the western part of the empire.Nicomedia and Milan had been designated as the imperial capitals of the east and west respectively by the emperor Diocletian. Rome had already ceased to be the imperial capital before Constantine.

Ambrose and Constantine divided the Roman Empire?

I guess that by Constantine you mean Constantine the Great. Constantine and Ambrose were not really contemporaries. Ambrose was only 7 when Constantine died. He was not involved in decisions regarding the empire. Ambrose is better known as St Ambrose. He was the bishop of Milan and one of the Latin doctors of the Church, or 'fathers' of the Catholic Church. His theology contributed to laying the foundation of the Catholic doctrine. In payed an important part in shaping the doctrine of the immaculate conception. He saw virginity as superior to marriage and Mary as a model for this. His writings on ethics were also important. He also opposed the Arianism of emperor Velentinian II.

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What Emperor in the west did Constantine defeat to become the only Emperor of Rome?

Constantine defeated Maxentius, an usurper emperor in Rome, who took charge of Italy. However, this did not make him the sole emperor. He became co-emperor with Licinius, the emperor of the west. Therefore, it was when he defeated the emperor of the east (Licinius) in his second civil war that Constantine became the sole emperor.

When was Saint Constantine the Great considered a saint?

Constantine is not considered a saint in the Catholic Church, only in the Orthodox Church.

When was Saint Constantine proclaimed as saint?

Constantine is only considered a saint in the Orthodox Church and was not canonized or declared a saint in the Catholic Church.

Which Roman Emperor converted to Christianity after seeing a Chi Rho before battle and later passed the Edict of Milan?

None. You are asking about a myth connected with the emperor Constantine. For starters, Constantine never converted to Christianity during his lifetime. There is a story of him converting on his deathbed, but no substantiation. The "sign in the sky" story only became popular after Constantine's death. Constantine, along with his co-emperor did issue the Edict of Milan, which made all religions tolerated, not just Christianity.

When is Saint Constantine celebrated?

If you are referring to Constantine the Great, he is considered a saint only in the Orthodox Church, not in the Western Church. There are several other saints named Constantine so you need to be more specific,

Where was Constantine declared Emperor?

AnswerConstantine's father, Constantius I was Augustus, or senior emperor, jointly with Galerius. When his father died in 306, the troops in Britain hailed Constantine as Augustus, in the style of a military coup. This was not to last, as Galerius would only concede Constantine the status of Caesar, or junior emperor. A little later, Constantine managed to be declared Augustus again, but once again was forced to back down, before reclaiming the title. Finally, in one of the biggest battles of the entire fourth century, Constantine defeated his last rival, Licinius, outside Hadrianopolis and became sole emperor of Rome.

What did roman emperor Nero do before he became emperor?

Before he became emperor, Nero was still at school, studying under Seneca. Remember, Nero was only 17 years old when he became emperor.

Which roman emperor made christianity the official religion of the roman empire?

Constantine the great

What did consantine do to stabliZe the empire?

Constantine the Great stabilised the Roman Empire by winning two civil wars (one against Maxentius, a usurper emperor in Italy, and one against his co-emperor, Licinius) and becoming sole emperor. The emperor Diocletian had set up the tetrarchy (rule by four) whereby the Roman Empire was ruled by two senior emperors (Augusti, plural of Augustus) and two junior emperors (Caesars), with each one of the four emperors in charge of a part of the empire. When Diocletian and the other senior emperor (Maximian) abdicated there were power struggles in the empire. When Constantius Chlorus (Constantine's father) who had been a Caesar and then became an Augustus, died a year later Constantine wanted the become the Augustus of the western part of the Roman Empire. However, he was appointed as only a Caesar. Meanwhile, Maxentius usurped the imperial title in Italy and made himself emperor of Italy and Africa. Constantine, in his bid to become an Augustus, organised political support in the area of the empire he controlled (Britain and Gaul) and then fought against Maxentius and defeated him. With this he became the emperor of the western part of the empire, while Licinius was the emperor of the eastern part. Constantine and Licinius then fought each other. Constantine won this civil war, too, and became the sole emperor of the whole empire. Having a sole emperor brought the civil wars to an end and stabilised the empire.

What agae was Nero when he became thet emperor of rome?

Nero was only 17 years old when he became the emperor of Rome.

When did Constantine became Emperor of Rome?

AnsweConstantine I became Emperor in the "Gallic Prefecture" of Britain, Gaul and the Iberian Peninsula, on the death of his father in 306. In 312 he defeated Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge (at which point he openly embraced Christianity) and thus became sole Emperor in the West. A rival, Licinius, ruled the Eastern half until 324, when Constantine defeated him in civil war. Constantine then ruled the whole empire until his death in 337.

Who was the first Christian Roman Emperor?

AnswerThe general consensus is that Emperor Constantine I (306-337) was the first Christian emperor of Rome. Certainly, he made his support for Christianity clear. Some say that Emperor Philip (Philip the Arab, 244-249) was a Christian and was therefore the first Christian emperor. This is difficult to prove as, unlike Constantine, Philip gave no undue support to Christianity and made no attempt to persecute the pagan temples or discourage their use.Others argue that Constantine was not a true Christian, and only chose to make the Empire Christian to unite it under one faith.