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Elizabeth I lived during the Renaissance.

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Q: Was Elizabeth a medieval queen
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Who would wear a medieval crown?

In medieval times, a queen, king, prince, or princess would wear a crown. In current times, an actor playing one of these parts in a medieval re-enactment may wear a medieval styled crown.

What was a Queen's class in the middle ages?

A queen was a member of the royalty. The traditional division of the medieval people into nobles, serfs, and clergy is a bit misleading, because it is quite simplistic. The royalty were separate from the nobility, and were, obviously, above them.

What was the renaissance and where did it begin?

Renaissance literally means rebirth into light from an age of darkness (the Dark ages of the medieval period). Renaissance means the "age of enlightenment" and it really means the time when the poorer classes received an education, thus "enlightenment". It very often refers to the creation of public schools by Queen Elizabeth because she wanted everyone to have the good education she did. At one time, books were a luxury only for the rich...The Renaissance which began in Italy in the 14th century had less to do with Queen Elizabeth and public schools. This period was a revival of classical values that influenced Europe for the next two centuries. It was typified by the spread of humanism and the beginning of objective scientific inquiry.But when did it begin??

Are there any monarchies in the western hemisphere?

Yes. Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the Canadian head of state. When she is in Canada (or her Northern Realm as she calls it) she is referred to as the Queen of Canada. The legal name of the Canadian Government is the "Crown in Right of Canada." When the Queen is not in Canada she is represented by a Governor General.

What were European medieval kings responsible for during their reign?

They were responsible for the entire kingdoms. They were the sole rulers of their kingdoms, so they made laws, led the military, and protected the people of the country.