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a famous movie actor driving a certain kind of car 

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Q: What is an example of a testimonial ad ?
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Which of the segments of the ad above is an example of the testimonial form of propaganda?

The segment of the ad that includes a quote from a satisfied customer recommending the product would be an example of the testimonial form of propaganda. This technique uses endorsements from individuals to influence the audience's perception and encourage them to try the product based on someone else's positive experience.

What type of ad would use a celebrity or expert to sell a product?


What propaganda technique is used in this example My doctor told me not to eat cotton candy?

This is an example of using an appeal to authority propaganda technique. By referencing a doctor as an authority figure, the statement implies that eating cotton candy is not advisable because someone knowledgeable in the field of health has cautioned against it.

What does a testimonial speech do?

A testimonial speech is when a person shares their positive experiences or opinions about a product, service, or person to persuade others. It is meant to build credibility, trust, and influence the audience's perception or decision-making process.

Nancy bought a pasta maker in part because she liked the spokesperson on the infomercial This is an example of the fallacy of?


Can you explain what the term 'testimonial' means in regards to advertising health products?

Testimonial in regards to advertising health products is when the ad shows a person who has supposedly taken the product, and tells you why you should buy the product. Examples: Lipitor, Crest Toothpaste, Pro-Active, Yoplait Yogurt, etc.

When was Testimonial Year - song - created?

Testimonial Year - song - was created in 2003.

What propaganda technique is used in this example ive been a professional athlete for twenty years and abcd vitamins helped you stay healthy you liked the product so much you bought the company?

The propaganda technique used in this example is testimonial. It involves using the endorsement of a famous or respected person to promote a product. In this case, the professional athlete's positive experience with the vitamins is used to convince others of their effectiveness.

What is civil testimonial evidence?

Testimonial Evidence is, a recounting of events/criminal activity witnessed by someone at or near the scene of the crime. Police Reorts can be used as 'Testimonial Evidence'.

What is testimonial appeal?

I'm not sure but i think it's : written request for an official decision.

What is an example of testimonial technique?

Have another customer or a famous person tell you how good the product is after using it themselves

What is an example of a testimonial in literature?

when you go to the court and say your testimony. Ex. The judge asked the demandor "What is your testimony, in other words your response.