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Class envy statements. The rich should pay their fair share, hence we should raise their taxes. etc.

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Another Social Darwinistic example might be "public libraries should be since racial minorities and the poor to ignorant to take advantage of them."

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Q: What are the example of argumentum ad invidiam?
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What is an argumentum ad verecundiam?

An argumentum ad verecundiam is an argument from authority, or an appeal to authority.

What is an argumentum ad passiones?

An argumentum ad passiones is an appeal or argument intended to convince the listeners by agitating the emotions.

What is an argumentum ad populum?

An argumentum ad populum is a fallacious argument which concludes that a proposition is true because many people believe it.

What is an argumentum ad Lazarum?

An argumentum ad Lazarum is an appeal to poverty - a logical fallacy that a conclusion is correct because the speaker is poor.

What is an argumentum ad crumenam?

An argumentum ad crumenam is a logical fallacy of concluding that a proposition is correct because the person suggesting it is rich.

What is an argumentum ad fidem?

An argumentum ad fidem is a fallacious argument that asserts the truth of a proposition by an appeal to pious testimony or religious revelation.

What is an example of an appeal to the crowd that is also called Argumentum ad Populum or Appeal to Popularity?

Appeal to the crowd what should we use has a school crest. Then the crowd votes and majority wins

Example of fallacies of argumentum ad verecundiam?

There are many examples of this. They include: when a crime is illegal it is also immoral, saying quotes from religious books to back your point, and believing what is told by someone of importance.

What is 'argumentum ad baculum' in English?

Argument to the stick is the English meaning of 'argumentum ad baculum'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'argumentum' means 'argument'. The preposition 'ad' means 'to'. The noun 'baculum' means 'stick'. Stick is not referring to a stick as in a twig or a branch, it is referring to an object like a club that is used to hit things, like the club that police carry around. They carry it around, because they use it to make people stop doing things like running away from them.

What is an argumentum?

An argumentum is a formal term for an argument.

Name the rhetorical device that tries to justify an action on the grounds that it is normal behavior accepted by all or most people?

The rhetorical device that attempts to justify an action based on popular belief or participation is an argumentum ad populum. Argumentum ad populum is a logical fallacy, because popular opinion can often be wrong.

What rhetorical device attacks the individual instead of the argument?

Ad hominem is the name of the rhetorical device and informal fallacy that attacks the arguer instead of the arguer. In this device, the ad hominem attacker attempts to dismiss the argument by pointing out personal flaws or characteristics of the arguer.