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An empire is a great nation, so to speak, and it controls itself.

Italy is the country that once WAS the Roman Empire, as the capitol of the empire lies in there, if that is what you meant.

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Q: What country controlled the roman empire?
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How did the land controlled by the Roman empire and the Holy Roman empire differ?

How do i know. its my homework

What Empire controlled land in 3 continents?

The Roman empire once stretched over three continents.

Who controlled Greece after the Trojan war?

Ancient Greece was divided into city-states and leagues which continually vied for power with each other, but one of them ever became strong enough to control all of Greece. Later Greece was controlled by the Macedonian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire, and the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Finally in the 19th Century Greece became an independent country which controlled itself, and a united country for the first time in history.

Is roman empire a free country?

the roman empire no longer exists. but, no it was not a free country, not even a free empire

The holy roman empire became this country?

the holy roman empire was not holy, roman or an empire - Voltaire

Which foreign power did controlled the country Jesus grew up in?

The Roman government ruled over Palestine the country Jesus lived in.

What country had the most influence on the Roman Empire?

Italy was the heart of the Roman Empire.

Modern Mediterranean country was the center of the Roman Empire?

Italy is the modern country that was the center of the Roman empire.

What country was Moldova was part of?

Moldova has been a part of Turkey, the Roman Empire, the Russian Empire, Romania, and the USSR.

Who was the Roman Emperor when the Roman empire was at its largest?

trajan, he controlled the most land during his time.

What classical culture controlled an Empire that surrounded the Mediterranean Sea?


Who controlled the holy roman empire in the late renaissance?

the hapsburg dynasty