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Q: Which group controlled the most territory in renaissance Europe?
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What group in Europe controlled one fifth of the world in 1900s?

Great Brittian

Which group controlled the mediterranean world and most of Europe in the ancient times?


One person or group of people taking control over a territory is?

A group of territories controlled by one person is called an empire.

What group controlled the mediterranean world and most of western Europe in ancient times?


This group controlled the Mediterranean world and most of western Europe during ancient times.?


Who controlled religious group Spain while the franks ruled much of Western Europe?

The Moors.

In 1500 renaissance which group controlled the most territory?

In Italy most of its city-states ceased to be republics and power was taken over by the personal rule of lords. Most city-states became lordships (signorie). In the rest of Europe the monarchies were consolidating their power. Previously kings were challenged by the aristocracy. In this period the monarchies developed strong central bureaucracies which strengthened the kings' control over their kingdoms.

What is the best definition for colony?

A colony is a territory controlled and occupied by a group of people from another country. These individuals establish settlements in the new territory, often exploiting its resources for economic gain.

What is the difference between a controlled experiment and a controlled group?

a controlled group is like an idea but an experiment that is controlled cannot be changed.

What is An investigation controlled?

An investigation in science that is controlled is an experiment. The group within the experiment that is controlled is the control group.

What is the name for an experiment in which a controlled group is compared with an experimental group?

A controlled experiment

How would you define controlled group?

Controlled group is a group that is separated from the rest of the experiment. This is done in science.