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The Renaissance

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About 50 years old, this is also when you have the Mid-life crisis

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the age group for middle age is 35-50

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Q: What is the age group of middle age?
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What is an age group?

An age group is a demographic grouping based on age.

What is the years on middle age in men?

IF middle age starts at 40 and ends at 60! What age group are you at 60+

What age group favored Kennedy in the 1960 election?

The middle age group of the age of 35 to 40 years favoured him.

What would someone in their 40s be on the age group?

Someone in their 40s would typically fall into the middle-age age group.

What was a guild in middle age?

A guild was known as a business group of people in the middle ages. They were basically the "middle" class of daily life medieval Europe.

What is name of the five group and their names?

dark ages, middle ages, feudal, medieval,age of faith.

What is the most important task to be accomplished by the school for the middle school age group?

To get good grades and to find your niche.

Which age group most likely to exhibit onset obesity due to decreased metabolism?

middle-aged adult

What is the poupular sport at school?

It depends on age group. Soccer for Elementary. Football 4 Middle and high school

Which age group is found in middle school in the us?

grades 6-8, so ages 11-14

What age group are kate dicamillo books?

Kate DiCamillo's books are typically classified as children's literature and are generally targeted towards readers in the middle grade age group, typically between 8 to 12 years old. Her books often feature themes and language that resonate with this age group.

When is old age day?

The age of human beings is divided in to 4 stages . 1. from birth to 14 years is children age group , 2. from 15 to 35 years is Young age group , 3. from 35 to 55 years is middle age group , 4. from 55 to death is old age group. (dr.seshagirirao , Vandana ---- Srikakulam) every year on 01st October world old age day has been celebrating to educate the young to protect the old