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Q: What did a freeman eat in the Medieval Times?
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What would a duchess in medieval times eat?


What did the nobility eat in Medieval Times?

Peasants, the birds.

What did bakers eat in the Medieval Times?

bread of course

When guests came to eat in medieval times how were they seated?

In chairs.

What did a mercenary eat in medieval times in Enrope?


When eating did people of less importance eat below the salt in Medieval Times?

in medieval times people of less importance sat below the salt

What did Kings and Queens eat between meals in medieval times?


What type of food did Muslims eat during the medieval times?


What did a blacksmith eat in Medieval Times?

See the related question for information

What is the same in life in medieval times and life today?

we eat chicken

What were sheep used for in medieval times?

Mainly to eat and to provide wool.

What were thieves like in Medieval Times?

Thieves in medieval times were more or less the same as thieves now. They stole whatever they could pawn, use, or eat.