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One of there walls protected them from the Scots or Pics.
I don't know that it's a monument as such, but Hadrians Wall is one example. The beautiful cities of Bath, Canterbury, Chester & York all have Roman heritage, and of course many roads are on routes laid down in Roman times. The probable answer is the Roman baths in Aquae Sulis: Bath.

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Walls, roads, bridges, aqueducts, villas, baths

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Q: What did the Romans build in Britain?
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Did the Romans build the Stonehenge?

Nothing really, it was there long before the Romans ever came to Britain.

What the Romans did in Britain?

the romans helped the british in many ways such as how to build villas and use stone.

Why did the Romans build roads across Britain?

So they could get from place to place

How much of Britain was occupied by Romans?

about 3/4 of Britain was occupied by the Romans

How can we convert this in passive voice the Romans invaded Britain?

Britain was invaded by the Romans.

What did the emperor Hadrian build across the top of Britain?

Hadrian built a wall across Britain because he had to protect it. After the Romans had invaded Britain, Hadrian wanted to make sure it never occurred again, therefore, he built the wall to keep the Romans out.

The Romans ruled Britain for in years?

The Romans ruled Britain for about 350 years.

When The Romans invaded Britain in?

The Romans first invaded Britain in 55 BC. In 43 AD they officially annexed it. In this nearly 100 year span, Romans were living in and trading with Britain.

Were the Romans around in Britain in the 11th -15th century?

No they were not. The Romans left Britain in the late 5th century.

What cities did the Romans build baths?

They built them in Britain, Pompeii, and most important Bath, England

The approximate time romans ruled britain?

The Romans ruled over Britain from 43 CE - 410 CE.

Who brought sugar to Britain?

The Romans brought sugar to Britain. Before the Romans, people in Britain used honey, and other sweet foods as sweeteners.