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Uncivilized refers to a place or a group of people who are not socially or morally advanced. It means lacking in culture and sophistication.

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Q: What does uncivilized mean?
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When was Uncivilized Area created?

Uncivilized Area was created on 1998-05-19.

Are barbarians uncivilized?

"Barbarian" is a general derogatory term for any person or group that is perceived to be uncivilized. It doesn't refer to any specific group of people from history.

What is barbariens?

uncivilized tribes, for romas any other culture that was not anexed to their own.

What are the achievements of the time period of 1000-1300 really medieval and uncivilized?

I feel that the achievements of the 1000-1300s were medieval, not uncivilized. The achievements and things they knew can from the technology and the information they knew. The technology was rather primitive which limited their accuracy on facts and sciences, it also limited what they could discover to what they could see, hear, touch and get to. Today technology is vast, it let's us do everything and anything, also communication with the rest of the world was limited to the information and achievements were isolated to those regions. ALthough the achievement would later be trumped by our generation, the achievements they did have were based on a lot more brains and hard work rather than today's computers and technology.

What is the difference between the real west and the mythic west?

The difference between the real West and the mythic West can be found in the dime novels of the time that talked about the heroics of the U.S. Calvary fighting Indians and the gunfighters killing people. The West was very uncivilized but most citizens obeyed the law.

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What does uncivilized kindness mean?

mean or uncivilized

What does sweetmeat mean in viking?

it means "uncivilized"

What does heathenish mean?

Of or pertaining to a Heathen, uncivilized.

What does barbarus mean in latin?

Savage, uncivilized, barbarian.

What does the house is going to the dogs mean?

The house is becoming uncivilized.

Which is the most uncivilized country in Latin America?

It depends on what you mean by "uncivilized". If you mean the country with most virgin, untouched territory, that would be Brazil with the upper Amazonas basin and rainforest. If you mean "uncivilized" as with the least economic development, Haiti would be the poorest, with 80% of its population living on less than $2 a day.

What does primitive mean?

Primitive refers to something that is simple, basic, or in its original form. It can also refer to an early stage of development or a tool or technique used in an early stage of human history.

Is war uncivilized?

Yes, war is uncivilized. It is considered to be uncivilized due to the violence, living conditions, and also overall expenses.

What does uncouth mean?

Crass, disgustingly uncivilized, having no manners. RUDE, UNMANNERLY opposte of polite

When was Uncivilized Area created?

Uncivilized Area was created on 1998-05-19.

Captivity stories mean?

captivity stories mean the stories of people captured by enemies whom they generally consider "uncivilized." (history)

What are uncivilized and uncultured people?

Uncivilized and uncultured people are people that are mean and do not like to learn. In the Middle Ages (also called the Dark Ages) when the Roman Empire was crumbling. Barbarian came and were not civil at all. They ate their food raw, did not go to school to learn, and were as mean as they get. I hope this answered your question.