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Answervassal AnswerTechnically, a vassal is not a servant. I have seen servants referred to by station, but it would make sense for a servant to be called by name, especially since the people being served would have known the person, and as this would distinguish between servants of the same station. So, if a master wanted to address a waiter, he might say "waiter," or he might say the waiter's name.
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Actually, there were no servants. A servant is someone who gets paid for their work. There were serfs or slaves. Slaves do not get paid and they are owned. A King or Queen also had people of minor nobility help them. There were Ladies in Waiting who were the daughters of minor nobility who came to court hoping they would be able meet a husband. They helped the queen with various things. Some of them also became the mistresses of the king. The king had men of rank too that would help him.

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a medieval serf is a male or a female basically peasant and in the medieval pyrimed it is the second last right on top of the peasant

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Q: What is a medieval serf?
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Riddle answer: a serf board.

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A medieval times serf wore ragged and old clothing because they were the lowest form of feudalism.

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the kings,serf

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their all from medieval times

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clothing , food , home , peasant and slavery

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The medieval soap maker was considered a serf or a peasant.

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