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A melee kill is the act of killing someone without the use of a gun. Weapons used in melee are swords, knives, bats, etc.

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Q: What is a melee kill?
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What is a melee Kill on thing thing 4?

I don't get your question.

How do you kill the green zombies in dead frontier?

melee or lots and lots of ammo

What should you kill for money on runescape at lvl 93 combat with melee?

bronze dragons

Can you melee in Halo 3 ODST?

Yes you can how else would you kill them without hitting them?

What is the easiest way to kill on oblivion elder skrolls?

sneak attack with a strong melee

How do you unlock the title blademaster in MW2?

kill 250 people with melee (knife, tactical knife)

What do you need to kill dad on runescape?

To kill Tztok-Jad ( Or even stand a chance ) you will need Full Guthans & Karils...Food etc. And for dad, just bring melee wear and prot. melee beware you will be taking quite a bit of damage still when he whacks you for 25!

In battlefield 1943 how do you melee kill an enemy?

XBOX - Press Y PS3 - I think you press Triangle

How can you use the word melee in the sentences?

i always use melee weapons. We went into a melee Battle.

Why don't dog tags appear when you melee someone in Battlefield 3?

The dog tags do appear when you melee/knife kill someone in Battlefield 3, you just have to look really closely. See related link below.

Dose range lvl you up in runescape?

Only if the Range level stays above your melee & magic kill levels.

Where can non members in runescape kill cockroaches is there a place for mages to kill them like a place where the cockroaches can't get to you and you kill them with runes?

You can kill them near Edgeville, and no there is no safe spots for the Soldiers, they have an added ranged attack, that hurts more than their melee does.