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i think it is called a grant

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t f
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Feudal system I think...I'm pretty shure

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Q: What is a system of trading loyalties for protection in the middle ages called?
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What a feudal system?

A system of trading loyalties for protectionin the middle ages.

What is a feudal system?

A system of trading loyalties for protectionin the middle ages.

Why was the Hanseatic league crated?

The Hanseatic League was created as a commercial and defensive alliance of northern European trading cities in the late Middle Ages for mutual protection and to promote trade and economic interests in the region. It allowed member cities to cooperate in establishing trading routes, negotiating trade agreements, and providing protection for merchants traveling in unfamiliar territories.

How did trading increase?

i think trading increased by the middle kingdom used them as a resourse.

What is the name of a bridge that can be lowered or raised for the castle's protection in middle ages?

It is called the drawbridge if it can be lifted and lowered.

Is trading important in the middle ages?


How did trading work in the middle ages?

The barons

Were there trading posts in France1608?

in Canada and the middle of the USA

What did the middle colonists do for a living?

farming, trading, and lumbering

How did Europe gain mathematical and scientific knowledge from the middle east?

They gained knowledge buy trading their goods for knowledge from the middle eastern. Trading was a big part of Europe.

Were there any Accomplishments of the middle colonies?

they accomplished trading goods.

What is the economic structure of the Native Americans?

The Economic Structure of the Native Americans were the trading of food, weapons, Traveling Items Routs, and the trading of jewelry. After the Europeans has settle with the Native Americans in the early seventeen and eighteen century the trading grounds were to be called the middle ground between the Natives and the European trader.