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Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 to 1170 He went against the king He was cannonized

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He got killed by the king and when he died then Harold godwinson became king.

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Q: What is the story of thomas becket?
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How is Canterbury Cathedral related to the story of Thomas à Becket?

Becket lived near Canterbury Cathedral.

Was Thomas Becket a missionary saint?

No, Thomas Becket was not a missionary.

When was Thomas Becket born?

Thomas Becket was born on December 21, 1118.

In what cathedral did Thomas becket die?

Canterbury cathedral was the location of the martyrdom of St Thomas Becket.

What is Thomas Becket's birthday?

Thomas Becket was born on December 21, 1118.

What was Thomas becket's middle name?

Thomas Becket's middle name was Edward.

Why was Thomas becket called Thomas a becket?

Thomas Becket was not called Thomas à Becket during his own lifetime. He was called Thomas à Becket, by people who wrote about him much later, possibly in imitation of the name Thomas à Kempis, who was another medieval monk. Also Thomas Becket was commonly known as "Thomas à Becket", although this form seems not to have been contemporaneous, but a post-Reformation adornment, possibly in imitation ofThomas à Kempis.

Who was Saint Thomas Becket's father?

Thomas was the son of Gilbert Becket and his wife Matilda.

Where was Thomas Becket born?

Thomas Becket was born in Cheapside, London around 1118

How did thomas becket trust in god?

Thomas Becket trusted in god because jjfnurjgf

What date did Thomas Becket become archbishop of Canterbury?

Thomas Becket became Archbishop formally on June 3, 1162. There is a link below to an article on Thomas Becket.

Did Thomas Becket have a middle name?

Yes, Thomas Becket's middle name was in fact Edward.