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They fly there flag on the left. But theres more to the whole picture than just fly the flag on the right side but the game is to be sold not told. Find some lords where your from.

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Q: What side does Vice Lords wear there bandannas?
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What side to vice lord carry their flags?

All gangs under the People Nation, such as the Vice Lords, Latin Kings, Black P. Stones, and many others, wear their flags to the left side of their front pocket.SIDE NOTES:People Nation gangs wear to the left side of their front pocket.Folk Nation gangs wear to the right side of their front pocket.Bloods are NOT People Nation, they're Blood Alliace & wear to the right side of their back pocket.Crips are NOT Folk Nation, they're Crip Alliance & wear to the left side of their back pocket.

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Do latin kings where their flags on the left?

Yes, the Latin Kings gang wears their flag on the left side of their front pocket. All People Nation gangs such as the Latin Kings, Vice Lords & many others, wear their flags to the left side.

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Is gang colors a features of gangs?

Usually gangs wear colors or tattoos to identify themselves. Bloods wear red Crips wear blue Nortenos wear red(Norteno's are NOT Bloods) Surenos wear blue(Sureno's are NOT Crips) Vice Lords wear red, black, and gold(Vice Lords are NOT Bloods) Black P. Stones wear red, green, and black(Some Black P. Stones are Bloods) Gangster Disciples wear black, gray, and blue(Gd's are NOT Crips) Maniac Latin Disciples wear baby blue, and black(They're NOT Crips)

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