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he will wear dishrags

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Q: What will a boy wear if he was important in the medieval times?
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What is the setting of The Whipping Boy?

"The Whipping Boy" is set in a kingdom during the medieval times. The story takes place in the royal palace, as well as in the surrounding countryside and forests where the main characters journey.

Was a baker in the medieval times a girl or a boy?

No, it was an adult (either a woman or a man).

Did a medieval page have to be a boy?


What is the meaning of Dominique in the medieval times?

It means 'of the lord' or 'lord'. It can be either a girl or a boy name, but i like the girl version personally. Hope I helped :) --Dominique D.

What was the layout of a medieval kingdom?

big boy of site to see

What is the books setting in the whipping boy?

"The Whipping Boy" is set during medieval times in the kingdom of a young prince. The story takes place within the castle walls, as well as during a journey through the surrounding countryside.

What did a medieval stable boy do?

A stable boy cleaned out the stable and help take care of the horses.

When should a boy wear a dress?

A boy can wear a dress if it aligns with their personal style or cultural norms. It is important for individuals to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident, regardless of gender norms or expectations.

Who trained the page in medieval times?

A page was a boy in the first stage of training to be a knight, the next stage being squire. Pages were trained by the knights to whom they were apprenticed, and their squires.

In medieval what was the name of a young boy who wanted to become a knight?


Im a girl going as a boy for Halloween what should you wear?

you should wear a boy wig, by boys clothes or wear your brothers clothes if they fit.

Is Kelsey a boy or a girl on magician's quest mysterious times?

Kelsey is a girl because you can tell by the clothes because boys wear a shirt ,with a tie and, pants but girls wear a dress and pants.