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feudal system or feudalism.

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I'll give you all of them: Kings and Queens Knights and Nobles Lesser Nobles Freemen and Freewomen Serfs They are in order from highest rank to lowest rank.

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Q: What two medieval society names?
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What two names are used for the medieval system of organising society?

Kings Queens

What are two other names for the dark age?

the medieval period

How was courtly love thought to improve women's status in Medieval society?

Courtly love reinforces many aspects of medieval society, but it also contradicts various characteristics of medieval society. One aspect of medieval society that gets reinforced by courtly love is classes. Social classes played a giant role in dividing up medieval society. Most poems were written by men who were socially beneath his female beloved. Some of these classes in medieval society consisted of: Kings, Nobles, and Commons.

When was Medieval Chronicle Society created?

Medieval Chronicle Society was created in 1999.

Medieval Castle Names of Europe?

what are some of the medieval castle names?

What were the levels of society in medieval society put in 2 words.?

"Social class" describes the levels of medieval society.

What affect did the knowledge transfer from outhe cultures have on medieval society?

The knowledge of other cultures effected the medieval society. How it effected the medieval society is there other belief's, values, money and society. The beliefs what people had in different gods and Churches than the medieval society had. The different technology they used, the values what they give and how much money they had. This effected medieval society.

How is a medieval prinecss important to medieval society?

A medieval princess is importent to medieval society because she is going to step up and become queen one day.

When was Society for Medieval German Studies created?

Society for Medieval German Studies was created in 1985.

What role did children have in medieval society?

Being a Squire in medieval times

How was the Medieval society structured?

By its government….

What are some names of medieval swords?

Some names of medieval swords are Falchion, Broad, Great, Long, and Scimitar swords.