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In medieval times, ancient times, and even today a tanner is a person who makes leather.

Leather was vital before the modern era and tanners were highly skilled workers. But they were forced to live on the fringes of society because of the terrible stink that went with the job.

Raw hides were dipped in a sickly-sweet smelling lime solution for a week before the tanner scraped off the rotting flesh and hair. They were then soaked in a bating solution - a warm, steaming gravy made from water and dog faeces, which removed the lime, softened the hides and smelled horrid.

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Q: What was a tanner in Medieval Times?
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Pay of a tanner in medieval times?

The old slang for a sixpence was a "tanner".

What was a medieval tanner?

A tanner, in medieval times or today, is a person who makes leather. Tanners were highly skilled workers, but they were forced to live on the fringes of society because of the terrible stink that went with the job.

Where did medieval villagers get their clothing from?

Most likely a tailor or tanner.

What job did the tanner do in medieval times?

A tanner in the Middle Ages did the same as a tanner does now, which is to make leather, although the process is far less unpleasant nowadays. After an animal such as cattle, sheep or pig, has been killed for its meat, the skin is removed by the butcher and passed onto the tanner who will treat it to make it into leather for us to use.

Who could be a tanner in colonial times?

only people with no children could be a Tanner in colonial times

What was the job of a apprentice in medieval times?

Depends on what he was an apprentice to. If he was an apprentice to a tanner he learned tanning. If he was an apprentice to a sword maker that is what he learned. An apprenticeship lasted 7 years.

What did tanner do in medieval time?

Tanners cured and preserved animal hides to make leather.

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the people in medieval times

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What was the jobs like in medieval times?

Soldier, farmer, miller, poleturner, fletcher, tanner, priest, monk, weaponsmith, blacksmith, , alchemist, barber/surgeon, wheelwright, cooper, silversmith to name a few.

What id another term used to describe the middles ages?

Medieval PeriodDark Age?Medieval times or the medieval era.

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