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A Watchman was an official at a castle and was responsible for security.

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Q: What was a watchman's job in medieval times?
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What was a monarchy's job in medieval times?

Run the government.

What was a watchmans weapons in Medieval Times?

Watchmen, guards, and other common soldiers would have had basic inexpensive weapons. For a town watchman this might have been as basic as a large sturdy knife. Other inexpensive weapons include spears and other pole arms such as a guisearm.

What was the job of Bakers in Medieval times?

To bake bread and cakes

What is the stable hands job in the medieval times?

Cleaning the stables.

What was the cardinals job in medieval times?

to order people around

How old do you have to be to get a job in medievil times?

6 years old, it's medieval times

What is a medieval blacksmiths salary?

Yes, blacksmithing is a skilled job and they would be among the most valued workers in medieval times.

What is a wainwright's job in medieval times?

In the middle ages, as today, a wainwright's job was to build wagons and carts out of wood.

What did the soap maker's job fall under in the feudalism pyramid in medieval times?

The medieval soap maker was considered a serf or a peasant.

What jobs did woman have in medieval times?

They Didn't Have Job, They Took Care Of Children And Cleaned.

What was the job of a Franklin in medieval times?

In medieval times, a Franklin was a landowner who was not of noble birth but was wealthy and held a significant amount of land. Franklins were often involved in local governance and were considered to be part of the upper class.

What is a brewer medieval job?

make beer and ale because in medival times water was unheathly