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there was 20 different types of gladiators heres some

Gladius sword and shield used by the common soldier, or knives or a net and trident of the "retiarius".

There were some 20 different types of role and relevant kit that a Gladiator could take. Amongst the principal types of Gladiator we have the Retiarii, Secutor, Myrmillones, Hoplomachi, Crupellarii, Thracians, Samnites, Gauls, Britons, Pinnirapi, Essedarii and the Andabatae. Of these the Samnites, the Thracians, the Myrmillo (or Secutor) and the Retiarius were the four most common.

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yes he was

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Q: What was gladiator armed with in addition to dagger and spear?
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What did a bestiarius fight against?

A "bestrarius" fought against wild animals. He was armed with a long spear. In another sense a bestrarius could also be a condemned criminal sentenced to be lunch for a wild animal or two.

What was the Spear carried by the roman soldiers?

the javelin was called a pilum, but it could hardly be called a spear, it had adapted to the role of being thrown so much that it would be useless to stab with.

Where does the word gladiator come from?

AnswerGladiators were trained fighters that were fighting one another, slaves, animals and condemned criminals for the pleasure of spectators. It is known the preference of the ancient Romans for bread and spectatle. The first reported fight was at 264 BCE in ancient Rome from the era of Republic through the end of the Empire. They fought for fame and glory. This whole thing is not what you are looking for if you are looking where gladiator games started this is not it at all sorry.

What weapons did castle guards us in medieval times?

In time of peace, castle guard duty in England was a feudal obligation placed upon all freemen (serjantz) and knights that was universally hated. It meant 40 days of boredom, even though the men received a payment for their service. After 40 days others would take their places and they could return home. Knights would bring along their own weapons, including a lance or spear and their sword. Serjantz would be equipped with a spear, a bow or a crossbow; a knight's own retinue of troops often included bowmen or crossbowmen. Most of the "arrow slits" seen in medieval castles (such as those at Corfe Castle in Dorset) can not be used by an archer armed with a longbow, since there is insufficient vertical height inside the tower or wall apperture - they were really intended for use by crossbowmen.

What are some weapons that the gladiators used?

Before gladiators fought a match they chose from a hat the set of weapons that they would use. There were 3 sets. The first set was a spear and a helmet . The second set was a net (that could be thrown to capture the other gladiator) and a trident. The last set was a sword and a shield with a helmet. These are the weapon sets that they to chose from.

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Gladiator armed addition to a dagger and spear?

trident and net

What type of weapons did the roman gladiator use?

A gladiator in ancient Rome used swords of various lengths, shields of various sizes, a trident type spear, a straight spear, a net to entwine an opponent. protective gear such as a helmet and a short dagger.

Is a dagger and a spear the same thing?

No. A dagger is a short stabbing knife, a spear is a throwing weapon, typically 4 to 6 feet long.

Why was a gladiator armed with a net?

There were several types of gladiators. Only one type was armed with a net and a trident (three-pointed spear). He was meant to represent King Neptune, and his opponent in armour was meant to represent a sea monster.

What weapons did hoplomachus?

A hopomachus used a spear and a dagger

What kind of person might have used the roman spear?

a gladiator

What is a weapon that could be thrown?

Spear, harpoon, knife, dagger, rock, ...

What was the velitus gladiator?

Yes, he was a "skirmisher" who fought with a spear with an attached thong for throwing.

Does Thalia Grace have a dagger?

No. I'm pretty sure she has a staff/spear type weapon.

What is Athena's weapon?

mostly her brains but as in war weapons, spear,shield and a occasional dagger

What type of weapons or tools did the ancient egypt people use?

a ax, clubs bows dagger sword spear shield's

What is a flint dagger?

A flint spear might refer to the flint spear point that Native Americans used to top wooden spears for hunting. Flint spear points were made from materials other than flint as well. They were shaped to perform a specific job and could be used as a knife or arrowhead as well.