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The chivalric code was a code in Feudal society that nobles adhered to. The chivalric code was essential in Feudal society because it made the feudal contract meaning. Part of the code was being honest and breaking a feudal oath was unacceptable socially.

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Q: What was the chivalric code and how did it manifest itself in feudal society?
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How did the growth of towns weaken the feudal system?

During the Middle Ages, the growth of towns weakened the feudal system in several crucial ways. For one thing, it shifted the focus-point for communities from the feudal manor to the local town itself, which was becoming more and more important. For another thing, the wealth of the small but growing "middle class" gave them more and more power with which to use as a new, independent force in the governance of lands once solely governed by the feudal lords.

Why do bother to know the ideas of the past?

History tends to repeat itself, so it's important to know the mistakes and successes of the past so that we, as a society, can prevent those problems from causing problems.

How did the church part of the feudal system in Europe?

The church was a very important part of the feudal system. It played an immense role in the lives of people and superseded governments. The Catholic Church was the only Christian religion in Europe and taught that man was born in sin and it was only through them that man could go to heaven. The Pope was the head of the church and was very rich and very powerful. He had authority over kings and queens in religious matters as well in government. There was no separation of church and state.

How was a town able to become independent of a feudal lord?

In the earlier Middle Ages, towns arose from villages, and were, like the villages, part of the land holdings of feudal lords. Sometimes the holdings were divided or returned to the king and given to new lords, and it often came to be that towns were under the jurisdiction of a different lord than the surrounding countryside. In the later Middle Ages when towns actually came into being they were run by a council made up of merchants and wealthy non noble families much like today. They would deal with taxes, protection, keeping the peace and making sure all the laws were obeyed and establishing those laws. The governments of these towns were republican in nature, and were referred to as medieval communes. There is a link below to an article on medieval communes.

Why was feudalism invented?

Feudalism is a decentralized sociopolitical structure in which a weak monarchy attempts to control the lands through reciprocal agreements with regional leaders. Feudalism refers to the Medieval European political system composed of a set of reciprocal legal and military obligations among the warrior nobility.The word feudalism was not a medieval term but an invention of 16th century French and English lawyers to describe certain traditional obligations between members of the warrior aristocracy. The earliest known use of the term feudal was in the 17th century (1614), when the system it purported to describe was rapidly vanishing or gone entirely. No writers in the period in which feudalism was supposed to have flourished are known to have used the word itself.

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