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shared a common religion

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Q: What was the major factor that unified the germanic tribes?
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What major events led to the eventual decline and fall of the roman empire?

Population pressure from the German tribes

What caused the final collapse of the western roman empire?

The major cause of the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire was the invasions by the Germanic peoples. The Romans lacked unity and were unable to fend off these invasions. These peoples, and two more Germanic peoples, who had been allowed to settle in parts of the empire, took over lands in this part of the empire. Eventually all of its lands were seized, except for Italy. At the end of this process, even Italy was taken over by the Ostrogoths, who were sent there by the eastern Roman Emperor to depose a usurper.

What is the official language of the roman empire how has the language or Romans influenced modern languages?

Latin was the official language of the empire. It has influenced many languages in the continent of Europe, many of which are the major languages of the world. The languages that come from Latin are described as the Romance Languages, the main ones are: French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian. However, many languages show influence of Latin, though not being considered a Romance language. One great example would be English. English is considered a Germanic language, but is a mix of Germanic and French, thus indirectly influenced by Latin. There is also the Latin Alphabet, which is used by most languages spoken in Europe (Germanic and Romance).

What is considered as a major cause of fall of the roman empire?

The invasions by the Germanic peoples precipitated the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire. They eventually took over all of its lands. The eastern part of the Roman Empire was not affected by these invasions and continued to exist for nearly 1,000 years.

Describe the influence of the Roman Catholic Church on music in the Middle Ages?

The influence of the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages was a major factor in art and science. The Church had a tendency to stifle science while encouraging religious art.

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What were the three major germanic tribes that invaded England?

The three major Germanic tribes that invaded England were the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes. They arrived in England in the 5th century AD, collectively known as the Anglo-Saxons, and played a significant role in shaping the culture and language of the region.

Among which tribes can the roots of modern english language be traced?

The Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes were the major Germanic tribes who settled in England in the fifth century, bringing their Germanic language with them. The language they spoke evolved eventually into Anglo-Saxon, also called Old English.

How many Indian tribes were there in Texas?

6 major tribes

What natural resources helped Western Europe develop into a major population center during the middle ages?

The rise in the production of fecal matter in the Germanic Areas made the Franks and surrounding tribes to migrate around due to the smell and polution.

What were the major tribes in antarctica?

There are no Antarctic tribes as there are no indigenous people in Antarctica.

What tribes does Nigeria have?

The three major tribes in Nigeria are: Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

What is the major factor for determining inertia?

Mass is a major factor.

What led to the fall of the western roman empire?

because Athens and Sparta fought and that what made the eastern empire fall

What was the major religion of the Germanic tribes in the beginning of the middle ages?

Actually, they were heathen and had no major religion. They were groups of people who raided, killed, and took lands from others. I was living near Wurzsburg Germany when I heard a story about 3 Catholic priests who came into the area to bring the Catholic religion to the tribes. They were killed and today the their skulls can be seen in the altar of the church in Wurzsberg. Later, the area did become Catholic like all of Europe.While it is true that many Germanic tribes were considered pagan as well as barbarian and had a desire to expand their territory, this was no different than any other tribes through out history. The fact that raiding and the taking of life in the act of conquest was simply a fact of life, just as it is today.Until the early middle ages Germanic religion originally consisted of a diverse set of gods specific to each tribe. Further the general flavor of religion came from the Scandinavian countries. This means that Gods like Oden and Thor and so on were likely recognized.

Who were the major tribes in Arizona?

The Navajo and Apache.

How many tribes are there nigeria?

There are 371 tribes; and 3 major tribes (included in the 371) that encompass many states. They are the IGBO, HAUSA,YORUBA.

What are the four major Indo European language families?

Germanic Latin Greek Celtic